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Although knowing the whole of these practices, my preferences go to the following ones:

Food hygiene

L’hygiène alimentaire

Hippocrates said: “Let food be your first medicine”.

We forget too often how diet plays a preeminent role in the maintenance or recovery of our health!

Rebalancing food will undoubtedly constitute the pillar of the program of vital hygiene that I will expose you.

If the nutritional deficiencies are too important, it is possible that the use of natural supplements is proposed (vitamins, trace elements, omega 3, probiotics, etc.).

Plant science and aromatology

La phytologie et l’aromatologie

When supplementation is necessary in order to correct the field, I propose the most natural:

It can be herb teas, extracts, tinctures, essential oils, flower essences, etc.

Your preference of use has also its importance!

Energy techniques

Les techniques énergétiques

I use the bioresonance via the LIFE system, which technique is more widely exposed in the tab of quantum therapy.

Why did I choose this technique?

On the one hand, it allows me to identify in a more reliable way the main causes of the energy dysfunctions of the body and the imbalance at the field level.
On the other hand, the LIFE system can return an energy message as fair as possible, in order to support the return to self-healing.


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