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Caroline GAGNAIRE Naturopathe

My training

A few years ago, I did not know naturopathy as such.

Events in my life brought me to become interested in non-conventional medicines (manual techniques, physical exercises like the Bertherat method, psychosomatic, plant science, aromatology, Chinese medicine, osteopathy), before being able to reconstitute the jigsaw puzzle… and truly to fall “in naturopathy”.

I had found my way!

Initial training

I thus decided to do my job of it and chose to integrate the Faculté Libre de Naturopathie (FLN), before called "Academy of Vitalopathie – College of Naturopathy" (AVCN) into Dijon. This institution of higher education, registered in the Rector of the Academy of Dijon as No.1-2013, is declared near the Ministry of Labor and vocational training in accordance with the L.920-6 article of the Labor Code.

I refused facility, knowing that today, anyone can settle as a naturopath: you can as well have studied in a school accredited by the French Federation of the Schools of Naturopathy (the FÉNA) than have read a book.

The naturopathic foundations of FLN are primarily scientific basis, with a major study of physiology, anatomy, biology as a whole: this teaching is fundamental to understand the dysfunctions of the body, to establish a naturopathic health evaluation, and to propose the most accurate naturopathic cure.

Besides classes, the school organizes 15 obligatory training courses in order to return to the naturopathy its “practical” aspect: reflexology, iridology, introduction to magnetism, naturopathic cooks, recognition of the plants, plant science, aromatology, naturopathic health evaluations, programs of vital hygiene…

Practice a clinical was also part of our program: I thus achieved more than 300 hours of naturopathic meetings, supervised thereafter by the school principal.

After two years of studies, I graduated in December 2012 the "Faculté Libre de Naturopathie" and I have successfully passed the examination for certification of FÉNA.

Dissertation studies

Académie de Vitalopathie – Collège de Naturopathie (AVCN) à Dijon

The topic of my dissertation studies, for which I got the Right Honorable with Congratulations of the Jury was: “Naturopathic accompaniment in the conventional assumption of a dysphasic child”.

The success met in this assumption, and the follow-up in itself makes as I am particularly sensitive to the accompaniment of children affected by a disorder DYS (dyslexia, dysphasia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia) and pervasive behavior.

Additional training

Having decided to complete my consultations with quantum therapy, I chose the LIFE System and followed the training courses provided by the formative team of the Xede International company.
I look further into my knowledge in this field.

According to the directives of the FÉNA, I follow regular training courses recognized by this organization.

I also intensified my practices and knowledge in the energy domain.

Studies and research

Understanding of naturopathy never stops: this is why I devote much time to improve myself, to still read and make research still and still…


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