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Caroline GAGNAIRE Naturopathe


I ask you to please bring your last medical analyses, the natural supplements you take, as well as the list of current medications.
So that we have time to go as far as possible in the analysis of your field and the correction of fundamental imbalances, it is advisable that you prepare our meeting in accordance with the following information:

First consultation of naturopathy

The first consultation begins with the establishment of a naturopathic health evaluation, also called vital balance.
This is not a diagnosis, but it makes it possible to identify fundamental imbalances as well as the potential of vital force, so as to support self-healing. In order to establish this report, I will first of all use a questionnaire, in order to know you better, collect your personal, medical and family antecedents, your eating habits, whether old or new, your physical activity and your lifestyle.

Caroline GAGNAIRE Naturopathe

Then, I will then use the quantum therapy (bioresonance in this case) via the LIFE System.

This analysis will allow me to offer you a program of vital hygiene, with a food rebalancing, and a natural supplementation if necessary.

I will explain you very precisely the elements of this program, so that you can capture the best.

I will use the bioresonance (system LIFE) in order to send to your body a first energy response, going in the direction of wellness and rebalancing in order to promote self-healing.

Follow-up consultations of naturopathy

The number and frequency of visits will depend on the condition of your body and your goals in terms of health.

In general, a consultation every three months can be expected, but this rhythm is purely indicative and is not imposed.

Other consultations

The persons wishing it can make a session of bioresonance only, so as to proceed to an energy rebalancing.
It is also possible to center the consultations on the lifestyle (food advice, councils of relaxation, of sports practices, etc.).
According to the program and the items to be approached, these sessions will last between 1 an hour and 2 hours.


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