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Quality charter

Caroline GAGNAIRE Naturopathe

I pledge to…

Receive in consultation and give same qualities of care to any person, without any discrimination, whatever its age, sex, nationality, social situation, origin, political convictions, religious beliefs, reputation, handicap or other criteria whatsoever.

Practice in buildings in conformity with the standards of hygiene and security, be of an impeccable cleanliness, ensure the best possible reception for the wellness of the consultant, by using natural products or elements.

Follow and respect the naturopathic Code of Ethics, as described in the “White Paper of Naturopathy” (Collective FENAHMAN – Collection Yves Michel): to give help and assistance as far as my competences allow it to any person in distress, to show a perfect correctness to consultants, not to intervene instead of doctor, not to involve myself in family matters, to refuse any collusion between health professionals, to practice reasonable fees by taking into account the exempted acts, to respect the professional secrecy, to maintain and improve my knowledge, to preserve my occupational independence are part of my professional commitments as a naturopath.

Practice naturopathy by respecting its basic principles: primum non nocere (above all not to harm), vix medica naturae (the healing power of nature), tolle causam (identify and eliminate the causes), deinde purgare (detoxify and purify the body), docere (naturopathy teaches).

Practice within the framework of my skills: I don’t use the techniques I do not control sufficiently, and I guide those wishing to have recourse to the appropriate therapists.

Communicate to the consultant or to his family the results got during the establishment of the naturopathic health evaluation, and explain clearly and concisely the vital hygiene program.

Always respect the framework of the law, and respond to the essential duty to protect the life, the human person, and her environment.


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