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Quantum Therapy

All is vibration…

Quantum physics study the vibrational energy of particles as the laws which they obey. Without going into large theories, remember that the Earth is surrounded by waves, as the Hartmann network.
Our body also emits waves, a radiation which is generally called the body field. In fact, each one of our cells, each one of our organs or tissues have their own waves. These vibrations therefore reflect the activity of the various “actors” of our body, but they are also part of our physiological processes.

Quantum therapy

Biorésonnance et Thérapie Quantique

Quantum therapy will therefore intervene on the level of these waves which are at the same time the condition and the result of our activities, as well organic as spiritual.


By measuring the organic, psychic or emotional dysfunctions put forward by the inconsistencies of some of these vibrations, it is possible to identify imbalances and to rebalance them by the reference of the “right” frequencies.


Bioresonance, which is part of the quantum therapies, represents this capacity which we have to emit waves, vibrations, but also to collect them.
Various devices have been designed in order to measure the vibrations of the body, detect the anomalies and rebalance energies in order to promote self-healing.
When we talk about bioresonance, it rather refers to these devices.
The first use was planned for cosmonauts: initially, these technologies have been developed by the Russian and U.S. aerospace.

LIFE System

The LIFE System (Living Information Forms Energy) was created in 2003 by a team of doctors and engineers, under the authority of the American homeopath Chris Keser. In 2007, the LIFE System received an approval as a Medical System of Biofeedback CE 2A from the German official organization of certification TÜV SUD.

The LIFE System is a particularly efficient system of bioresonance, involved in a holistic way: its scope recut the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual fields. As explained above, the LIFE System identifies imbalances in various cellular vibrations, and responds by returning the adequate vibrations to the body, and this in a very accurate way.

Biorésonnance et Thérapie Quantique

After having tested several devices, I chose the LIFE System for the richness of its programs, and for its ergonomic that make its use completely compatible with a session of naturopathy. I consider this system as an additional tool in my naturopathic pallet, an invaluable tool for the most complete and effective accompaniment of the people coming in consultation.


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